Featured Services

To best serve our clients, we customize recruiting solutions based on our client company's size, history, culture and vision. We offer both contingency and retained search and recruiting services. We assist our clients by providing solutions to all of their human resource placement needs. Our experienced staff knows and understands the various specialities in Human Resources.

HR Administration Services

India is a multilingual and multi region country, so we have to maintain our HR administration services in such a way so as to keep constant touch with the job seekers from different corners of the country. We follow fully automated HR administration services to maintain our data bank. Our goal is to recruit and place highly talented, diverse and engaged workforce in order to support our clients. Product innovation, employee payroll and benefit program are duly taken into account.

Employee Verification

Forret India performs arts on behalf of a client in respect of provision of Post / Pre employment screening service. We validate the essentials of candidates as presented by them in their submission forms. Background screening of employees is crucial for Indian IT/ITES/Engineering/other first-rate companies. Whether you represent a Fortune 500 or small business organization, hiring qualified honest employees is critical to your success.

The verification process varies for the entry level, mid-level and the top level staff hiring. At the entry level the focus is on educational qualifications, at the mid-level it is the projects/technologies and record with the previous employer. At the management level, we clearly focus on track record of success, ability to envision strategic initiatives and management style.

Training and Development

We offer Training and Human Resource Development Service for any sector be it technical field like engineering or IT or Office Assistance. Industry and job role specific training that we offer prepares the candidate to take up the responsibilities that the profile requires. The intensive training and professional approach makes us to best Human Resource Training and Development Service Provider in India.

Temporary and Permanent Staffing

Forret India, one of the leading employee leasing services in India, offers a full-service, cost-effective, professional and efficient Human Resource management service to businesses that may not have the necessary infrastructure to carry out these tedious and labour intensive tasks themselves. When you sign us on, we take care of your total employee management In effect, we would be working like your company’s own HR department.